Zocor Muscle Pain Fully Explained

Start having Muscle Pain

The Zocor muscle pain side effect induced by Zocor may or may not be followed up by other muscle-related symptoms.

As it is well known, Zocor is a medication that is consumed by people to lessen the levels of LDL cholesterol in blood. However zocor may not be suitable for every person and therefore it is important for the patient to know every detail of this drug before its consumption.

Zocor muscle pain – May result when you overly use zocor.

Muscle pain is the most prominent symptom of Myositis. At times people whose body responds favourably to the first dose of Zocor, tend to use it in an overly manner which may be held responsible for muscle pain.

If you are one of the patients experiencing muscle pain and using Zocor then maybe it’s about time that you fix an appointment with a physician to factorize this issue.

Zocor muscle pain – Can culminate in kidney failure

Nevertheless, people who have been consuming Zocor for very long time fall prey to many other muscle related issues like myopathy and rhabdomyolysis. An unsupervised case would surely culminate into kidney failure.

Zocor muscle pain – Tell ALL previous medical history to doctor

There are increased chances of muscle pain after using zocor related complications to set into the elderly patients who already suffer from some sort of renal disease or a hormonal dysfunction like hypothyroidism.

It is therefore recommendable for the patient to tell the medical history to the prescribing doctor in detail to avoid any complications later.

Zocor muscle pain – Eating grapefruit may worsen muscle pain

Also the muscle related complications can be avoided by the consumer by refraining from the intake of food items that are responsible for inducing muscle pain related complications. The most common food item that has been implicated for causing the muscle related side effects is grapefruits.

Grapefruit when consumed in any form along with Zocor is capable of heightening the levels of the drug in the blood which would indirectly heighten the effects of the drugthereby giving rise to multiple side effects due to over dosage of the drug.

Zocor muscle pain can be correlated by the doctors only when the patients have consumed the drug at least once.

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